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Digital Printing

Digital Printing Is A Game Changer For Small And Medium-size Businesses.

No Hefty Initial Investment

With Digital Printing, The Initial Investment Is Comparatively Lower Because There Is No Need To Make Printing Cylinders.

Turnaround Time Is Cut In Half

With Digital Printing, There Are Never Any Cylinder To Create Or Set Up. This Means Once The Digital File Is Sent Over, Your Project Is Ready To Print In Minutes Instead Of The Days Or Weeks.

The Ability To Print Multiple SKUs In A Single Run

For Smaller Brands Looking To Print Less Of Each SKU, This Is The Game Changer In Digital Printing. Because There Are No Cylinder, Multiple SKUs Can Run At Once So Brands Can Combine Multiple SKUs Into One Print Run. No Matter If You Have 3 Designs Or 300, Digital Printing Has Got You Covered, And All In One Order.

Design Changes Could Be Made On Fly

Since There Are No Cylinder, There Is No Lengthy Or Costly Set Up When A Change Needs To Be Made To The Design. It’s Just A New File, So You Have The Ability To Make Tweaks To Your Packaging Design File Without The Headache, Cost, Or Delays. If Your Ingredient List Changes, You Get A New Certification, Or Even If You Change Your Logo, You Can Easily Adjust Your Design File And Start Printing The Updated Design Immediately.

You Only Have To Print What You Need, When You Need It.

This Allows You To Respond To Market Demand In Real Time. Short And Medium Volume Runs Are Possible, So You Can Print To Demand And Avoid Having Excessive Inventory. This Allows You To Keep More Cash In Your Business While Decreasing The Risk Of Obsolescence And Excess Inventory, Both Of Which Can Cost You More Than You May Realize.

Making seasonal and promotional packaging on the go

Brands of all sizes can take advantage of ultra short runs for seasonal and promotional packaging when you don’t want to place a large order. This allows you to try packaging for target markets, come up with a fun, limited time promotion, or create seasonal packaging for any holiday or season you can imagine. With no cylinder and short runs, you are not limited to how many SKUs you can create.

Game Changing Technology With Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) Is Made Possible Only By Digital Packaging Technology. Brands Can Take Advantage Of Creating Customized And Personalized Packaging On Each Package Printed, Or The Track And Trace Capabilities. This Technology Helps Customers Enhance Product Shelf Presence, Create Digital Consumer Engagement (Like QR Codes), And Guard Against Counterfeiting For High End Products, As Well As Provide The Ability To Track Products From Cradle To Grave.

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What Makes It Right For You!

Ideal For Medium To High Volume Runs

Rotogravure Printing Is The Only High Speed And Volume Print Process Capable Of Printing Continuous-Tone Images.

HD High Quality Consistent Printing

Rotogravure Printing Results In Better Ink Lay Down And More Consistent Print Quality. Allows For More Vibrant Colors And Graphical Designs With Multiple Print Finishes In The Same Design.


High Speed Printing

Printing Times Are Extremely Quick, With Modern Presses Able To Produce Up To 14 M Of Film Per Second. It Uses Quick-Drying Solvent-Based Inks To Help Speed Up The Print Process.

Better Long Term Economical Benefits

Rotogravure Cylinders Are Extremely Durable, Can Be Used For Several Print Runs, As Long As They Are Used Regularly.