Matt Finish Side Gusset Bags


Matt Black Matt White
Matt Gold Matt Silver


100gm ( 70mm (w) x 210mm (h) x {15mm + 15mm} (bg) ) 250gm ( 80mm (w) x 260mm (h) x {25mm + 25mm} (bg) )
500gm ( 85mm (w) x 360mm (h) x {30mm + 30mm} (bg) ) 1kg ( 135mm (w) x 390mm (h) x {40mm + 40mm} (bg) )
2kg ( 170mm (w) x 495mm (h) x {55mm + 55mm} (bg) ) 3kg ( 210mm (w) x 510mm (h) x {55mm + 55mm} (bg) )



Side gusset bags are widely used to pack tea and coffee and other food products. The bags have a classic old-style look. These bags are more economical than stand up pouches, so for those who are conscious about cost, this packaging is the best option. They are available with or without a valve for coffee beans to breathe.

  • Our Side Gusset Food Grade Pouches without Zipper is a Classic Old- style packaging Solution with a silver metalize layer inside to protect your products and are also more economical in compared to other flexible packaging options.
  • These Laminated Plastic Bags are manufactured using 3 layers of Plastic material which helps your product to stay fresh for a longer period and protects it from Oxygen and Moisture
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