*To pack Tea and Coffee we have 3 different products.

The marketing research and product development exercises spanning over years of hard work have given way to the identification of the style of packaging for green coffee which can help retain the best of flavors in coffee beans.

Custom Coffee Bags beans go stale when they come in contact with oxygen. However, protecting them from oxygen by our high-quality seal packing them may seem like the best way, but another problem remains. Due to green coffee beans, sugar browning process is triggered. As a result of this process, the beans exude carbon-dioxide. The accumulation of carbon dioxide in a seal pack can cause it to rupture.

In order to counter this problem, Our laminated bags containing a valve. This valve allows the carbon-dioxide to evade the packaging without allowing oxygen to enter.However other methods exist to package green coffee, they are not as effective as our one-way valve bag packaging. These include a pinhole packaging which allows the gathered carbon-dioxide to escape through a pinhole. Using this method, the chances for oxygen to enter the bag exist

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging and decorate using our different color stock pouches with labels. After applying stickers your coffee and tea packaging looks artisanal, hand made and small batch produced high end luxury product.

2. Digital Printed Pouches With Simple 2-3 Color Designs Minimum Order 1000 Pieces :

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging by ordering us digital printed pouches. The tea & coffee pouches look professional and you are ready to compete with big boys in the marketplace with a touch of professionalism.

3. Rotogravure Printed HD Quality With Upto 9 Colors Printing Minimum Order 15000 Pieces Onwards* :

Below are some examples of HD quality printed pouches with full color graphics without any printing limitation to print coffee and tea pouches. This quality speaks for itself which is top notch and exceptional.

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