Pet food consumers prefer are being able to see the product. You don’t need to use a completely clear bag, but if your customer at least can see some of your pet food or treats, that is nice. If you go with a Bags, try to select one with a clear window in it. If your pet food and treats are not very attractive, then you may not want this option. Color is always a good thing for packaging. Consider our high-quality pet food packaging bags which look professional, creative, clean looking lines but not distracting or confusing.

your packaging reflects your company and your business. Is your business light-hearted and fun? Then use fun packaging. Is your business health conscious? Then use packaging that says that. Is your business about making the best, highest quality most elegant dog foods? Then we suggest you, use our packaging that is elegant and very high quality. Putting your fine gourmet dog treats in a clear cello bag may not reflect what you are trying to communicate.

We have different types of packaging bags which appeal to different customers. because sometimes not all package types will appeal to everyone. Target your dog food packaging to the right customer. If you are focused on the best foods and your target market is environmentally focused, then we offer an oxo-degradable bags which are perfect for eco-friendly customer and clients and also looks very appealing.

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging and decorate using our different color stock pouches with labels. After applying stickers your coffee and tea packaging looks artisanal, hand made and small batch produced high end luxury product.

2. Digital Printed Pouches With Simple 2-3 Color Designs Minimum Order 1000 Pieces :

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging by ordering us digital printed pouches. The tea & coffee pouches look professional and you are ready to compete with big boys in the marketplace with a touch of professionalism.

3. Rotogravure Printed HD Quality With Upto 9 Colors Printing Minimum Order 15000 Pieces Onwards* :

Below are some examples of HD quality printed pouches with full color graphics without any printing limitation to print coffee and tea pouches. This quality speaks for itself which is top notch and exceptional.

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