To preserve the flavor and the original aroma of the spices, Swiss Pack has created spices packaging that keeps the products safe and protect against moisture and oxygen.

Our laminated plastic spice bags are elaborated with three layers which ensure the shelf life of the product, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our spice packaging. The best types of bags for spice packaging that guarantee the spices can maintain their natural properties are:

  • Stand up bags
  • Three side seal bags
  • Flat bottom bags
  • Pillow pouches
  • Spout pouches

Between many other options, according to the kind of spices you wish to pack. In addition to our spices packaging you can incorporate: re-sealable zipper (to ensure more the freshness of the product), a clear window (ideal for this kind of product), the tear notch, euro slot and hanging holes.

You can choose buying the spices packaging available in stock or personalize the spice plastic bags, according to your needs and preferences. We produce spice packaging with unique design using the rotogravure technique, where you can select up to 9 colors for your spices packaging.

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging and decorate using our different color stock pouches with labels. After applying stickers your coffee and tea packaging looks artisanal, hand made and small batch produced high end luxury product.

2. Digital Printed Pouches With Simple 2-3 Color Designs Minimum Order 1000 Pieces :

Below are some examples on how to brand your packaging by ordering us digital printed pouches. The tea & coffee pouches look professional and you are ready to compete with big boys in the marketplace with a touch of professionalism.

3. Rotogravure Printed HD Quality With Upto 9 Colors Printing Minimum Order 15000 Pieces Onwards* :

Below are some examples of HD quality printed pouches with full color graphics without any printing limitation to print coffee and tea pouches. This quality speaks for itself which is top notch and exceptional.

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